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Table 2 Proteins specific for the Rhizobiaceae and related species

From: Phylogenomics and signature proteins for the alpha Proteobacteria and its main groups

Gene ID Accession Number Function Gene ID Accession Number Function
A. Proteins unique to Aurantimonas, Mesorhizobium, Sinorhizobium, Rhizobium, Agrobacterium, Bartonella and Brucella
mll00621 NP_101943 Hypothetical mlr07891 NP_102519 Hypothetical
mll40681 NP_105027 Hypothetical mlr3016 NP_104217 Omp10
mll77911,4 NP_108034 Hypothetical msl65261 NP_107016 Hypothetical
mlr0777 1 NP_102510 Hypothetical    
B. Proteins unique to Mesorhizobium, Sinorhizobium, Rhizobium, Agrobacterium, Bartonella and Brucella (Missing in Aurantimonas )
mll0122 1,4 NP_101988 Hypothetical mll5001 1,4 NP_105743 Hypothetical
mll1268 2 NP_102895 Hypothetical mll8359 1,4 NP_108472 Hypothetical
mll2847 2,3 NP_104087 Hypothetical mlr1823 1 NP_103319 Hypothetical
mll2898 4 NP_104130 Hypothetical mlr0094 1,4 NP_101965 MhpC (COG0596)
mll4298 1,2 NP_105201 Hypothetical    
C. Proteins unique to Mesorhizobium and Rhizobiaceae species
mll0080 NP_101954 Hypothetical mll67034 NP_107159 Hypothetical
mll0867 NP_102577 Hypothetical mlr1904 NP_103376 Hypothetical
mll9619 NP_109472 Hypothetical mlr3274 NP_104418 Hypothetical
mlr5174 4 NP_105883 Hypothetical mlr4951 NP_105704 NodF
mll6303 NP_106835 Hypothetical    
D. Proteins specific to Mesorhizobium and either Rhizobium or Sinorhizobium
mll0459 NP_102252 Hypothetical mll2007 NP_103455 Hypothetical
mll1779 NP_103286 Hypothetical mlr1999 NP_103450 Hypothetical
mll6195 NP_106741 Hypothetical mlr2029 NP_103476 Hypothetical
mll8758 NP_106740 Hypothetical mlr6601 NP_107075 Hypothetical
mlr3037 NP_104236 Transcriptional regulator    
  1. 1 Missing in Bartonella
  2. 2 Missing in Agrobacterium
  3. 3 Missing in Rhizobium.
  4. 4 Also found in Stappia aggregata