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Table 2 S protein amino acid replacements and lamivudine-resistant rt domain polymerase mutations found in blood donors.

From: Hepatitis B virus genotypes circulating in Brazil: molecular characterization of genotype F isolates

Sample Genotype Serotype Determinant a replacements Lamivudine resistance mutation (P gene)*
358-S A adw2 Y100C -
312-SE A adw2 Y100C -
161-CW A adw2 Y100C -
043-N A adw2 - rtV173L, rtL180M, rtM204V
020-N D ayw3 T118V, A128V -
328-S D ayw3 T118V, A128V -
344-S D ayw3 T118V, A128V -
209-CW F adw4 - rtL180M, rtM204I
052-N F adw? L127I -
  1. *Deduced amino acid sequence of HBV polymerase based on the shifted reading frame of the sequenced S gene (P gene: aa rt 9–236).