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Table 1 Strains and plasmids used in study.

From: The Francisella pathogenicity island protein IglA localizes to the bacterial cytoplasm and is needed for intracellular growth

Name Phenotype/Relevant Characteristics Reference or Source
U112 Francisella novicida prototype strain. ATCC
JL0 U112, Δsucrose hydrolase strain used to make deletion mutants. Laboratory strain
ODB2 JL0, ΔiglA This study
ODB7 U112, iglA::EmR This study
ODB1 U112,iglB::EmR This study
ODB5 ΔiglA/iglA:KmR, in cis complementation of iglA in strain ODB2 This study
CG62 U112, iglC::TnMax 2 Gray et al. (2002)
GB2 U112, mglA Baron et al. (1998)
GB6 U112, mglB::mTn 10 Km Baron et al. (1998)
DH5α F- Φ80dlac ZΔM15 Δ(lac ZYA-arg F)U169 rec A1 end A1 hsd R17(rk -, mk +) pho A sup E44 thi-1 gyr A96 rel A1 λ- Invitrogen
pCR2.1 Cloning vector, AmpR KmR Invitrogen