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Table 1 PNA structures and mRNA target sites

From: Variable coordination of cotranscribed genes in Escherichia coli following antisense repression

PNA Structure Target site
anti-gfp I (KFF)3K-eg1-aataacctcc -11 to -2
anti-gfp II (KFF)3K-eg1-cgcataaata -5 to +5
anti-DsRed I (KFF)3K-eg1-attctgtttcc -9 to +2
anti-DsRed II (KFF)3K-eg1-ccattctgtt -6 to +4
anti-lacZ (KFF)3K-eg1-catagctgtttc -9 to +3
anti-lacY (KFF)3K-eg1-cataatggattt -9 to +3
anti-lacA (KFF)3K-eg1-caatgcgatc -7 to +3
  1. mRNA target sites are shown relative to translation start sites of the respective coding sequences.