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Table 2 Brucella 23S rrn polymorphisms&.

From: Intrinsic and selected resistance to antibiotics binding the ribosome: analyses of Brucella 23S rrn, L4, L22, EF-Tu1, EF-Tu2, efflux and phylogenetic implications

#Brucellastrains *Nt 1085 934 (Ec) *Nt 1564 1423 (Ec) *Nt 2632 2610 (Ec)
  A G A G T C
Ba b1   X   X   X
Ba b2   X   X   X
Ba b3   X   X   X
Ba b4   X   X   X
Ba b5   X   X   X
Ba b6   X   X   X
Ba b9   X   X   X
Bc X   X   X  
Bs b1 X   X   X  
Bs b2 X   X   X  
Bs b3 X   X   X  
Bs b4 X   X   X  
Bs b5   X X    X
Bo   X X    X
Bn   X X    X
Bm b1   X X    X
Bm b2   X X    X
Bm b3   X X    X
Dolphin   X X    X
Porpoise   X X    X
Seal   X X    X
  1. &GenBank accession numbers for each Brucella 23S rrn sequences are listed in Methods. #Brucella strains are as listed in Table 1. *Nt positions as per B. abortus 23S rrnA [GenBank:AE017223, BruAb1_rrna_0005, Gene ID: 3339965]. (Ec) denotes position in Escherichia coli 23S rrn [GenBank:U00096].