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Figure 2

From: Identification and characterization of the heme-binding proteins SeShp and SeHtsA of Streptococcus equi subspecies equi

Figure 2

SDS-PAGE analysis of recombinant holoSeShp, apoSeShp, SeHtsA, and SeHtsHis. SeShp lacks its secretion signal sequence and C-terminal transmembrane domain and charged tail, and SeHtsA and SeHtsHis lacks the secretion signal sequence and lipid moiety. The gel was stained with GelCode blue. Samples shown are E. coli with vector (control) (lane 1), E. coli lysate containing SeShp (2); SeHtsA (3), and SeHtsAHis (4), and purified holoSeShp (5), apoSeShp (6), SeHtsA (7), and SeHtsAHis (8).

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