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Table 1 Functional groups of genes differentially expressed between hosts.

From: Gene expression analysis indicates extensive genotype-specific crosstalk between the conjugative F-plasmid and the E. coli chromosome

Gene functional type MG1655 Fold-change# DH5α Fold-change#
Amino acid biosynthesis* 11 5.93a)   
Carbon utilization 8.5 10.23a) 1 24.10b)
Chemotaxis    4.5 24.33b)
Energy production 2.5 3.00a) 4 3.02b)
Transposon-related 4.5 3.90a) 9 172.50b)
Fatty acid biosynthesis 4 3.95a)   
Flagellum    9.5 28.94b)
Information transfer 8 3.24a) 5 9.37b)
Metabolism general 3 107.20a) 5 3.13b)
Unknown 18.5 3.30a) 8 8.77b)
Nucleotide biosynthesis 10.5 6.40a) 2 7.92b)
Pilus (type I) 2 3.22a)   
Transport 2.5 2.49a) 2 2.48b)
  1. Number and average fold-change of genes, up-regulated in DH5α relative to MG1655 (right two columns) and number and average absolute fold-change of genes up-regulated in MG1655 relative to DH5α (left two columns).
  2. *affected amino acids: isoleu/val, gly, try, phe, arg, asp, tyr, thr/ser.
  3. # average among regulatory units within given functional group,
  4. a): higher expression in MG1655 b): higher expression in DH5α.