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Table 1 Identified ECM biofilm proteins annotated as hypothetical or uncharacterized.

From: Identification of biofilm proteins in non-typeable Haemophilus Influenzae

KW20 gene gi Strain COG # COG Description Gene Prior ID Prior ID
HI0121 1573076 all 773 M UDP-N-acetylmuramate-alanine ligase MurC y y
HI0145 1573101 All 3010 G Putative N-acetylmannosamine-6-phosphate epimerase NanE N N
HI0148 42628803 all 3055 S Uncharacterized BCR - y y
HI0203 1573163 All 80 6 J RimM protein, required for 16S rRNA processing RimM N N
HI0227 1573192 1 4 2731 S Uncharacterized BCR - y y
HI0246 1573213 1 3 4 0 x No related COG - y y
HI0719 1573721 all 251 J Putative translation initiation inhibitor TdcF y y
HI0760 1573769 all 2924 CO Fe-S cluster protector protein - n n
HI0847 1573861 all 3085 S Uncharacterized BCR - n y
HI1034 1574067 1 3 4 1666 S Uncharacterized BCR - y y
HI1168 68057915 all 2926 S Uncharacterized BCR - y y
HI1333 1574791 All 1534 J Predicted RNA-binding protein containing KH domain, possibly ribosomal protein - N N
HI1349 1574811 All 783 L Starvation-inducible DNA-binding protein Dps Y Y
HI1427 68058243 4 0 x No related COG - y y
HI1647 1574495 1 2 4 214 H Pyridoxine biosynthesis enzyme SNZ1 y y
HI1681 53732528 2 3110 S Uncharacterized BCR - y y
HI1715 1574570 All 1949 F Oligoribonuclease (3'->5' exoribonuclease) Orn N Y
  1. Proteins are listed in order of the gene number in the Rd strain genome (HI number). gi is the NCBI gene ID number; Strain is the specific strain as determined by peptide sequence (see figure 4 legend); COG# and COG cat were assigned by COGnitor; gene description is taken from COG number entry at NCBI; Prior ID cites whether or not the protein was identified in previous proteomic analyses of the Rd strain of HI with ID1 being a previous LC-MS/MS based study (22) and ID2 being a MALDI-TOF based study (23).