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Table 3 Strains and plasmids used in this study

From: Formation of functional Tat translocases from heterologous components

Bacterial Strains Genotype Source
MC4100 F-ΔlacU169 araD139 rpsL150 relA1 ptsF rbs flbB5301 [58]
DH5α φ80dlac ZΔM15, recA1, endA1, gyrA96, thi-1, hsdR 17(rK-,mK+) supE44, relA1, deoR, Δ(lacZYA-argF) U169 Promega
M15 F-, lac, ara, gal, mtl [59]
JARV16-P As MC4100 ΔtatA ΔtatE pcn B1 zad-981::Tn10 d (Kmr) [8]
BØD-P As MC4100 ΔtatB pcn B1 zad-981::Tn10 d (Kmr) [8]
B1LK0-P As MC4100 ΔtatC pcn B1 zad-981::Tn10 d (Kmr) This work
DADE-P As MC4100 ΔtatABCD ΔtatE pcn B1 zad-981::Tn10 d (Kmr) [60]
pREP4 KanR, lacI+ Roche
pBluescript (IIKS+) AmpR Stratagene
pFAT415 pBluescript carrying E. coli tatA [8]
pFAT416 pBluescript carrying E. coli tatB [8]
pFAT417 pBluescript carrying E. coli tatC [8]
pUniprom AmpR contains E. coli tat promoter and multiple cloning site [51]
pUniprom-PA pUniprom carrying P. syringae tatA gene This work
pUniprom-PB pUniprom carrying P. syringae tatB gene This work
pUniprom-PC pUniprom carrying P. syringae tatC gene This work
pUniprom-PABC pUniprom carrying P. syringae tatABC genes This work
pUniprom-SA pUniprom carrying S. coelicolor tatA gene This work
pUniprom-SB pUniprom carrying S. coelicolor tatB gene This work
pUniprom-SC pUniprom carrying S. coelicolor tatC gene This work
pFATAQ1 pBluescript carrying A. aeolicus tatA1 and tatA2 This work
pFATAQ2 pBluescript carrying A. aeolicus tatBC This work
pFATAQ3 pBluescript carrying A. aeolicus tatA, tatA2 and tatBC This work
pQE70 C-terminal His-tag expression vector Qiagen
pQEAQ1 pQE70 carrying A. aeolicus tatA1 This work
pQEAQ2 pQE70 carrying A. aeolicus tatA2 This work
pQEAQBC pQE70 carrying A. aeolicus tatBC This work
pQEAQ12 pQE70 carrying A. aeolicus tatA1 and tatA2 This work