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Figure 2

From: Formation of functional Tat translocases from heterologous components

Figure 2

Complementation of the E. coli ΔtatB, pcnB strain, BØD-P, with tatB genes from other bacteria. Strain BØD-P was transformed with either: E. coli tatB encoded on pFAT416 (EcoB), P. syringae tatB on plasmid pUniprom-PB (PsyB), S. coelicolor tatB from plasmid pUniprom-SB (ScoB), A. aeolicus tatBC from plasmid pQEAQBC (AaeBC) or pBluescript (empty vector; marked as Δ in panel C). A. Growth of strains on LB medium containing 2% SDS. B. Growth of strains anaerobically on minimal glycerol TMAO medium. C. TMAO reductase activities from periplasmic fractions. *100% activity is taken as that determined from the periplasmic fraction of BØD-P carrying pFAT416 and corresponds to 0.83μmol benzyl viologen oxidised/min/mg protein. Error bars represent the standard error of the mean (n = 3).

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