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Table 6 Bacterial strains, plasmids and phage. All E. coli strains listed also carry Δ(argF-lac)U169, pheA905, thi, araD129, rpsL150, relA1, deoC1, flb5301, ptsF25 and rpsR mutations.

From: The Yersinia pestis gcvB gene encodes two small regulatory RNA molecules

Strains/plasmids/phage Relevant genotype Source/reference
GS162 WT This laboratory
GS1053 gcvR::Tn10 [19]
GS1118 ΔgcvAaadA This laboratory
GS1131 ΔgcvAaadA ΔgcvR:ΣKNR [11]
GS1132 Δ(gcvA gcvB):ΣaadA [11]
GS1144 ΔgcvB:ΣCMR This laboratory
KIM6 lcr - [31]
KIM6ΔgcvB ΔgcvB:ΣCMR This study
pGS366 Single-copy translational lacZ fusion vector This laboratory
pgcvBYp-p322 Carries Y. pestis gcvB in pBR322 This study
pgcvBYp-sc Carries Y. pestis gcvB in a single-copy vector This study
pgcvAYp-p177 Carries Y. pestis gcvA in pACYC177 This study
pgcvRYp-p177 Carries Y. pestis gcvR in pACYC177 This study
pgcvRYp-p322 Carries Y. pestis gcvR in pBR322 This study
pdppAYp::lacZ Y. pestis dppA::lacZ fusion in pGS366 This study
pGS335 Carries E. coli gcvA in pACYC177 This lab
pGS601 Carries E. coli gcvR in pACYC177 This lab
λdppA::lacZ λgt2 with E. coli dppA::lacZ translational fusion [11]
λgcvB::lacZ λgt2 with E. coli gcvB+50::lacZ transcriptional fusion [11]
λgcvBYp+53::lacZ λgt2 with Y. pestis gcvB+53::lacZ transcriptional fusion This study
λgcvBYp+164::lacZ λgt2 with Y. pestis gcvB+164::lacZ transcriptional fusion This study
λgcvBYp+251::lacZ λgt2 with Y. pestis gcvB+251::lacZ transcriptional fusion This study