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Table 3 The Y. pestis gcvA gene encodes an activator protein. Cells were grown in LB to an OD600 of ~0.5 and assayed for β-galactosidase activity [16]. Activity is expressed in Miller units.

From: The Yersinia pestis gcvB gene encodes two small regulatory RNA molecules

Lysogen Relevant genotype β-Galactosidase activity
GS1132λgcvB::lacZ Δ(gcvA gcvB) <1
GS1132λgcvB::lacZ[pACYC177] Δ(gcvA gcvB) <1
GS1132λgcvB::lacZ[pGS335] Δ(gcvA gcvB)/gcvAEc 399 ± 22
GS1132λgcvB::lacZ[pgcvAYp-p177] Δ(gcvA gcvB)/gcvAYp 254 ± 21