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Table 1 B. subtilis strains used in this work

From: A defined medium to investigate sliding motility in a Bacillus subtilis flagella-less mutant

Strain Genotype/phenotype Reference/source
3610 Undomesticated wild type NCIB 3610; [10]
JH642 trpC2 pheA1 J. Hoch
DS64 hag::MLS [5]
GHB1 Δ(ktrAB::neo) E. Bremer
GHB6 ktrC::spec E. Bremer
GHB12 ktrD::tet E. Bremer
M1 srfAA::cat [9]
RFH1 hag::MLS srfAA::cat This work
RFH3 hag::MLS Δ(ktrAB::neo) This work
RFH7 hag:: MLS ktrC::spec ktrD::tet This work