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Figure 5

From: A defined medium to investigate sliding motility in a Bacillus subtilis flagella-less mutant

Figure 5

Confocal scanning laser microscopy (CSLM) of hag tendrils. In this experiment hag tendrils growing on MSggN plates (with 100 μM KCl) at 37°C were analyzed by CSLM using LIVE/DEAD BAcLight straining as described in the Methods. A) Tendril staining directly on a plate, where a 10 μl drop of stain (SYTO 9 and propidium iodide) was applied to a tendril and then covered with a cover slip (lightly pressed). B) Staining of a tendril that was removed from a plate by transfer to a cover slip that was then examined after contact with a 5 μl drop of stain on a glass slide.

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