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Figure 2

From: A defined medium to investigate sliding motility in a Bacillus subtilis flagella-less mutant

Figure 2

Quantification of the K+ requirement for hag growth on MSggN liquid and semisolid media. Cultures of hag were grown in MSggN semisolid or liquid media with the indicated levels of KCl, each in triplicate (semisolid) or duplicate (liquid), at 37°C, and the results were averaged. For the semisolid medium, the effect of KCl concentration on the maximum tendril length as measured at 18 h () is shown; KCl thresholds for tendril growth and formation of films that covered the semisolid media (50 mm plate surface) are indicated. For liquid MSggN medium the growth yield () and doubling times (three KCl levels from the tendril threshold to above the full film threshold) are shown. The experiment was replicated in a separate experiment with essentially the same results.

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