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Table 1 Families of Transcriptional regulatory proteins in bacteria and archaea.

From: ExtraTrain: a database of Extragenic regions and Transcriptional information in prokaryotic organisms

Family InterPro entry ExtraTrain entries Action Structural motif DBD position
AraC/XylS IPR000005 HTHAraC 2485 Activator HTH C-terminal
ArsR IPR001845 HTH_ArsR 982 Repressor HTH Central
AsnC IPR000485 HTH_AsnC_lrp 803 Dual HTH N-terminal
Cold shock domain IPR002059 Cold_shock 607 Activator RNA- binding like Variable
CRP-FNR IPR001808 HTH_Crp 414 Activator/Dual HTH C-terminal
DeoR IPR001034 HTH_DeoR 680 Repressor HTH N-terminal
GntR IPR000524 HTH_GntR 1989 Repressor HTH N-terminal
IclR IPR005471 HTH_IclR 538 Repressor HTH N-terminal
LacI IPR000843 HTH_LacI 1079 Repressor HTH N-terminal
LuxR IPR000792 HTH_LuxR 2117 Activator HTH C-terminal
LysR IPR000847 HTH_LysR 3864 Dual HTH N-terminal
MarR IPR000835 HTH_MarR 1316 Dual HTH Central
MerR IPR000551 HTH_MerR 1112 Repressor HTH N-terminal
NtrC/Fis IPR002197 HTH_Fis 3089 Activator HTH C-terminal
OmpR IPR001867 Trans_reg_C 2253 Activator winged helix C-terminal
TetR IPR001647 HTH_TetR 2718 Repressor HTH N-terminal
  1. This table contains information about the 16 families of transcription factors included in ExtraTrain database. The first column contains the name of each family. The second column contains the identifier of the InterPro entry that defines each family. The third column contains the number of members of each family included in the database. The fourth column indicates if the members of this family usually are activators, repressors or have a dual action. The fifth column indicates the protein structural motif involved in the DNA interaction. The last column indicates the N or C-terminal position of the DNA-binding domain in the sequence of the regulatory protein.