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Figure 7

From: RETRACTED ARTICLE: Temporal activation of anti- and pro-apoptotic factors in human gingival fibroblasts infected with the periodontal pathogen, Porphyromonas gingivalis: potential role of bacterial proteases in host signalling

Figure 7

Activation of members of the PI3K/AKT pathway. HGF monolayer was infected with wild type P. gingivalis (WT) or its triple gingipain mutant (MT), and the infected cells grown in the presence (+I) or absence of 20 μM LY294002 (PI3K inhibitor). Total cell extracts (50 μg) were probed in immunoblot for the presence of total AKT or specific phosphorylated proteins of the AKT pathway as named. The two species of phospho-FKHR are indicated by closed circle and triangle. Note the early (6–12 h) activation of phosphorylation and its inhibition by the inhibitor.

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