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Figure 4

From: Cereulide synthetase gene cluster from emetic Bacillus cereus: Structure and location on a mega virulence plasmid related to Bacillus anthracis toxin plasmid pXO1

Figure 4

Hybridization of emetic and emetic-like B. cereus with probes targeting the ces operon (a) and a pXO1 related CDS (b). Total DNA was separated by PFGE, transferred to a membrane and hybridized with a cesB specific probe and a probe derived from pXO1-11 (for details on probes see Supplemental Materials Table S1). Hybridization with both probes revealed a single band for emetic strains which has the same size as the pBc10987 plasmid from B. cereus ATCC 10987 (lane 2).

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