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Figure 3

From: Cereulide synthetase gene cluster from emetic Bacillus cereus: Structure and location on a mega virulence plasmid related to Bacillus anthracis toxin plasmid pXO1

Figure 3

(A) Alignment of the adenylation. (A) domain core motifs lining the substrate binding pocket of Ces and unusual core motifs from other bacterial NRPS. Consensus sequence of core motifs A4 to A7 (according to [53]) is depicted. Residues identical to amino acids from Ces core motifs are printed in boldface type. (B) Insertions in A domains from CesA2 (D-O- Leu) and CesB1 (L-O-Val) were aligned to short chain dehydrogenases (SDR) and ketoreductases (KR); partial sequences including putative NADPH binding sites (solid bar) and the catalytic residues of SDRs/KR (printed in boldface type). Numbers between hyphens in the first lines refer to residues not shown before residues depicted in the second lines. JamL: KR from Jamaicamides synthetase (GenBank accession no. AY522504) of Lyngbya majuscula; EryA: KR from erythronolide synthetase of Saccharopolyspora erythraea (GenBank accession no. M63676). GlcDh: Glucose 1-dehydrogenase from B. megaterium (Swissprot accession no. P39482).

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