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Table 1 OHL responsive genes identified by Tn5-OT182 mutagenesis of K56-I2

From: Identification of potential CepR regulated genes using a cep box motif-based search of the Burkholderia cenocepacia genome

Transposon Mutant Orfa Predicted start codonb Location of insertb Gene/domain homologyc OHL effect on expressiond
K56-I2-P1, K56-I2-P2 BCAM0392 2:445357 2:444971 COG1835: Predicted acyltransferases +
K56-I2-P3 BCAM0957 2:1062298 2:1060868 scpB: serine-carboxyl proteinase precursor +
K56-I2-P5, K56-I2-P10 BCAS0293 3:328037 3:328810 aidA +
K56-I2-P9 BCAM2631 2:2981279 2:2980753 COG2860: predicted membrane protein -
K56-I2-P12 BCAM2630 2:2979794 2:2980345 phuV: hemin specific ATP-binding protein +
K56-I2-2PB2 no gene   2:2980336   -
K56-I2-NB12 BCAM1187 2:1298085 2:1297891 COG4774, Outer membrane receptor -
  1. a Open reading frame designation from the unpublished annotation of the B. cenocepacia J2315 genome.
  2. b Locations reported as chromosome:nucleotide.
  3. c Gene and domain homologies determined using BLASTP.
  4. d Effect of OHL on expression of the lacZ fusion created by insertion of the transposon. +, positive regulation or greater expression in the presence of OHL; -, negative regulation or lower expression in the presence of OHL.