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Figure 6

From: Effect of iron on the expression of sirR and sitABC in biofilm-associated Staphylococcus epidermidis

Figure 6

In vivo gene expression in sessile bacteria from implantation up to 2 weeks after implantation. Expression levels at time 0 represent the expression levels on the catheter just before implantation. In the left y-axis, gene expression (full line with filled square) is quantified as the log10 (cDNA/gDNA). The right y-axis gives the evolution of the number of sessile bacteria during in vivo foreign body infection. The number of bacteria is quantified by the log10 of the number of copies of gmk (dotted line with unfilled triangles). The error bars represent the standard deviations. The line that links the data points helps to clarify the results at each time point measured. The time is given in hours in the x-axis. Sixteen independent samples were assessed at each time point.

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