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Table 2 Computational and experimental minimal media

From: Genome-scale reconstruction of the metabolic network in Staphylococcus aureus N315: an initial draft to the two-dimensional annotation

Computational Experimental  
proline OR arginine OR glutamate OR alanine OR alanine amino acids
aspartate OR glycine OR ornithine OR serine OR glycine  
threonine isoleucine  
cytidine OR cytosine OR uridine OR uracil   nucleotides
phosphate phosphate cofactors, ions, etc.
sulfate sulfate  
nicotinamide OR nicotinate nicotinamide OR nicotinate  
iron iron? (disagreement in literature)  
oxygen OR ((nitrate OR nitrite) AND protoheme) oxygen assumed  
thiamin thiamin  
  calcium pantothenate  
glucose glucose carbon source
  1. The computed and experimentally determined minimal media for growth of S. aureus compare reasonably well. The most noticeable difference is the amino acid requirement, which can be attributed to regulation, as detailed in the text. The boolean statements (AND/OR) are standard; for example, there are three terminal electron acceptors that can be members of the computational minimal medium, o2, no3, and no2, but both no3 and no2 also require the presence of pheme. The absence of an explicit logic statement between lines is equivalent to using AND; for example, all 6 amino acids listed are required together in the experimental minimal medium.