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Table 1 S. macrospora strains used in this study. All strains are single spore isolates and are kept in our laboratory collection. The fus allele that is present in some of the strains is a spore color marker (brown instead of black spores) but has no influence on growth or fertility.

From: The gene for a lectin-like protein is transcriptionally activated during sexual development, but is not essential for fruiting body formation in the filamentous fungus Sordaria macrospora

strain number genotype description
S48977 wild type wild type
T2.35 Δtap1 tap1 deletion strain
T2.41 Δtap1 tap1 deletion strain
M8871 pro1 sterile mutant [10]
S24117 pro11 sterile mutant [11]
S22528 pro22 sterile mutant
S46357 pro41 sterile mutant
S62222 Δtap1, pro1 sterile mutant
S62355 Δtap1, pro1 sterile mutant
S62497 Δtap1, pro41 sterile mutant
S63491 Δtap1, pro11, fus sterile mutant
S63433 Δtap1, pro11, fus sterile mutant
S62292 Δtap1, pro22, fus sterile mutant
S62456 Δtap1, pro22, fus sterile mutant