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Figure 6

From: The gene for a lectin-like protein is transcriptionally activated during sexual development, but is not essential for fruiting body formation in the filamentous fungus Sordaria macrospora

Figure 6

Δtap1 strains have a wild type-like phenotype. The wild type and Δtap1 single spore isolates T2.35 and T2.41 (as indicated above each column) were grown in Petri dishes on BMM solid medium [10, 21] for 6d (A) or 7d (B, C) at 25°C in constant light. A) Segments of petri dishes, black dots are individual fruiting bodies. B) Segments of ascus rosettes with mature (black-spored) and immature asci. Scale bar 100 μm. C) Mature asci. Scale bar 20 μm.

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