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Figure 5

From: The gene for a lectin-like protein is transcriptionally activated during sexual development, but is not essential for fruiting body formation in the filamentous fungus Sordaria macrospora

Figure 5

Southern blot analysis of Δtap1 strains. Genomic DNA from the wild type, from two different Δtap1 single spore isolates from the original knockout strain, and from double mutants of Δtap1 with pro1, pro41, pro11, and pro11 was hydrolyzed with Bgl II, and after gel electrophoresis, the Southern blot was probed with radio-labeled DNA fragments containing the open reading frames of tap1 (A) and hph (B), respectively. Marker sizes in kb are provided on the right. Numbers in brackets are strain numbers for single spore isolates.

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