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Figure 1

From: Herpesvirus pan encodes a functional homologue of BHRF1, the Epstein-Barr virus v-Bcl-2

Figure 1

RT-PCR analysis of transfected clones. The upper panel shows RT-PCR analysis of transfected clones using primers designed to amplify a 655 bp fragment of the BHRF1 transcripts. From left to right samples are 1) Promega kilobase ladder, 2) vector control clone His C12, 3) vector control clone His C13, 4) Blank 5)EBV BHRF1 clone EBV 1B, 6) EBV BHRF1 clone EBV 3B, 7) Blank 8) H. pan BHRF1 clone Pan 4 9) H. pan BHRF1 clone Pan 5 10) Blank 11) Ramos-BL 12) negative RT control 13) pEBV9 14) Promega 100 bp ladder. The lower panel shows the same samples (except 13 – negative PCR control) in which the RT has been omitted in the RT step, to exclude DNA contamination in the RNA samples.

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