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Table 4 Bacterial strains and plasmids used or created in this study

From: The two authentic methionine aminopeptidase genes are differentially expressed in Bacillus subtilis

Strains Genotype Source or Reference
Escherichia coli
XL1-Blue K12 supE 44 hsdR 17 recA 1 endA 1 gyrA 46 thi relA 1 lac- F'[proAB+ lacIq lacZΔM 15 Tn10(tetR)] Laboratory collection
TG1 K12 supE hsdΔ 5 thi Δ (lac-proAB) F'[traD 36 proA+ proB+ lacIq lacZ ΔM 15] Laboratory collection
BL5(DE3) F- Invitrogen
EM9 PT7-map (on chromosome) Chiron Culture Collection Centre
ECIP8003 F- pIPP8003 This work
ECIP8004 F- pIPP8004 This work
ECHP1005 EM9 pHPP1017 This work
ECHP1006 EM9 pHPP1018 This work
ECHP1007 EM9 pBAD This work
Bacillus subtilis
168 trp C2 Laboratory collection
BFS4611 trp C2 yflG::lacZ Functional analysis projecta
BFS817 trp C2 yvoA::lacZ Functional analysis projecta
BSHP7042 trp C2 map-lacZ This work
BSHP7045 trp C2 pDG148-map This work
BSHP7046 trp C2 map::lacZ pDG148-map This work
BSHP7037 trp C2 map::lacZ pDG148-yflG This work
BSHP7038 trp C2 pDG148-yflG This work
BSHP7043 trp C2 yflH::lacZ This work
BSIP8001 trp C2 amyE::gfp-map This work
BSIP8002 trp C2 amyE::gfp-yflG This work
BSIP8003 trp C2 yvoA::[(lacZ-ery)::pEC23(Kan)] This work
BSIP8004 trp C2 yflG::lacZ yvoA::[(lacZ-ery)::pEC23(Kan)] This work
Plasmids Description Source or Reference
pET24b(+) expression vector, KanR Novagen
pBAD-abg genetic rescue vector, AmpR [43]
pDG148 expression vector, AmpR KanR [44]
pJM783 cloning vector, CmR [45]
pSG1729 N-terminal GFP fusion vector, AmpR SpecR [42]
pEC23 integrative plasmid, KanR M. Simon and P. Stragier, unpublished
pIPP8003 pET24b map This work
pIPP8004 pET24b yflG This work
pHPP1017 pBAD map This work
pHPP1018 pBAD yflG This work
pHPP7017 pJM783 map-lacZ This work
pHPP7018 pJM783 yflH::lacZ This work
pHPP7021 pDG148 map This work
pHPP7022 pDG148 yflG This work
pHPP7025 pJM783 map::lacZ This work
pIPP8001 pSG1729 map This work
pIPP8002 pSG1729 yflG This work
  1. a This strain has been constructed during the frame of the project for the functional characterization of the genome of B. subtilis in Japan [46].