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Figure 3

From: A gonococcal homologue of meningococcal γ-glutamyl transpeptidase gene is a new type of bacterial pseudogene that is transcriptionally active but phenotypically silent

Figure 3

A. Positions of stop codons in the hypothetical ORF in the ggh gene. Black squares indicate the positions of stop codons and white squares indicate the ochre (Type II) mutation shown in Figure 2B. * indicates the position of the 7-bp deletion (Type III) mutation in the ggh gene. B. Putative translated products from the corrected nucleotide sequences of the ggh genes. The Type IV insertional mutation shown in Figure 2B is removed and the site of Type III deletion is replaced by the letter B. The site of the ochre (Type II) mutation is shown as X. The identical amino acid sequences between N. meningitidis and N. gonorrhoeae are shown in a black box and amino acid sequences common to only N. gonorrhoeae are shown in a gray box.

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