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Table 1 Antibiograms

From: Characterization of Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolated from chronically infected children with cystic fibrosis in India

Antibiogram Susceptibility to antibiotics Total isolates (%)
A1 S to all 102(29.1)
A2 R to Genta only 81(23.1)
A3 R to Genta+Cipro 85(24.3)
A4 R to Cipro only 24(6.9)
A5 R to Genta+Pipra 23(6.6)
A6 R to Genta+Cipro+CAZ 24(6.9)
A7 R to Genta+CAZ 5(1.4)
A8 R to Genta+Cipro+Pipra 6(1.7)
  1. Genta: Gentamicin; Cipro: Ciprofloxacin; Pipra: Piperacillin; CAZ: Ceftazidime CAZ:
  2. S: Sensitive; R: Resistant
  3. +: Indicates "and"