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Table 4 H-Agglutination reaction of fliC-H4 recombinant plasmid carrying E. coli K-12 strains

From: Genetical and functional investigation of fliC genes encoding flagellar serotype H4 in wildtype strains of Escherichia coli and in a laboratory E. coli K-12 strain expressing flagellar antigen type H48

Strain serotype or fliC recombinant JM109 derivative agglutination with H-specific antiseraa
   H48 H4U9-41 H4P12b
U9-41 O2:K1:H4 <200b 12800 12800
P12b O15:H17 <200b 6400 12800
JM109c O-rough:H48 12800 <200b <200b
TPE1976 JM109 (pLITMUS38-fliC-H4U9-41)d 12800 12800 12800
TPE1978 JM109 (pLITMUS38-fliC-H4P12b)e 12800 6400 12800
  1. a) reciprocal value agglutination titers with antisera (the same results were obtained in two separate experiments). H4U9-41 and H4P12b indicates the H4 antisera produced with strains U9-41 and P12b, respectively.
  2. b) no agglutination with start serum dilution 1:200
  3. c) E. coli K-12 [23]. d) fliC-H4 gene cloned from strain U9-41
  4. e) fliC-H4 gene cloned from strain P12b