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Table 1 Main characteristics of the reconstructed metabolic network of Lactococcus lactis.

From: Modeling Lactococcus lactis using a genome-scale flux model

ORFs 358
   Experimental evidence 63
   Clear function (functional annotation derived from probable homologues) 286
   Tentative function (functional annotation derived from tentative homologues) 2
   Putative function (sequence has probable homologues of uncertain function) 7
Metabolites 509
   Intracellular metabolites 414
   Extracellular metabolites 95
   Unique metabolites 422
Reactions 621
   Internal reactions 492
   Exchange fluxes 129
Reactions with ORFs assignments 476
Reactions based on biochemical evidence / physiological considerations or inferred by the demands imposed on the metabolic reaction network 145