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Figure 3

From: Fungal-specific PCR primers developed for analysis of the ITS region of environmental DNA extracts

Figure 3

Example of the nested NSI1/NLB4 PCR reaction applied to single-species fungal DNA extracts. Ethidium Bromide fluorescence image showing electrophoresis of nested NSI1/NLB4 PCR product for a group of sporocarp extracts. Gel was run with 0.7% high melting point agarose plus 2% Synergel additive (Diversified Biotech, Boston, MA, cat. no. SYN-100). Roche DNA molecular weight marker VIII (cat. no. 1336045) was loaded at 100 ng in lanes 3, 8 and 13 (sizes for fragments to the left of the figure). Ten μL of PCR reaction was loaded in each well for each of the templates listed at the top of the gel as well as the no-template control in the last well.

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