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Figure 4

From: HinT proteins and their putative interaction partners in Mollicutes and Chlamydiaceae

Figure 4

RT-PCR analysis of C. pneumoniae. A. Below the schematic of the hit locus of C. pneumoniae the positions of the PCR amplicons (A – F) are shown. Genomic DNA (g), cDNA (c) and RNA without RT reaction (r) are used as templates. B. The PCR products were separated on a 0.8 % agarose gel and subjected to Southern blot analysis with DIG-labeled probes hybridizing to Cp265 (A, D), Cp266 / hit L (B, E) Cp267 (C, F) with visualization using chemiluminescence. In E, the signals of lower length as 1.4 kb may be due to primer dimerization. M, DIG-labeled DNA molecular weight marker VII (Roche Biochemicals)

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