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Figure 3

From: HinT proteins and their putative interaction partners in Mollicutes and Chlamydiaceae

Figure 3

RT-PCR analysis of U. parvum . A. The positions of the different amplicons are shown below the schematic of the hit locus genes of U. parvum. The primers used (Table 2) and the lengths of the amplicons are indicated. B. The PCR products (A – D) for genomic DNA (g), cDNA (c) and RNA (r) were separated on a 0.6 % agarose gel and stained with ethidium bromide. Southern blot analysis was performed with digoxigenin (DIG)-labeled probes hybridizing to one of the four genes, (here shown for UU272 probing), and detected using chemiluminescence. M, Gene Ruler 1 kb DNA ladder (Fermentas).

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