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Figure 2

From: HinT proteins and their putative interaction partners in Mollicutes and Chlamydiaceae

Figure 2

RT-PCR analysis of M. pulmonis . A. The regions amplified by RT-PCR are shown below the genomic region encompassing MYPU_0060, MYPU_0070 and MYPU_0080. The primers used and the lengths of the amplicons are indicated. B. Amplicons were separated on a 0.8 % agarose gel and subjected to Southern blot analysis, here shown for the MYPU_0070 specific probe, using digoxigenin (DIG)-labeled probes hybridizing to each of the three genes, detected using chemiluminescence. Bands of lower length as expected are degradation products. M, DIG-labeled DNA molecular weight marker VII (Roche Biochemicals).

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