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Table 2 CO production by Bacillus subtilis on plates using GASTEC dosimeters.

From: Bacterial variations on the methionine salvage pathway

Strain Sulfur source used
WT 168 50.0 66.7
BFS1853 mtnD::lacZ 48.3 51.7
BFS4605 yflM::lacZ 43.3 56.7
  1. CO production is expressed in ppm/hour accumulated during 20 hours of incubation. Background is not subtracted. A difference of 5 in the limit of the palladium metal precipitate is reproducibly visible. The values given correspond to three replicates of each experiment. Note that it is not possible to distinguish between purely black and reddish black precipitates (often due to thiol containing gasses). Background precipitation in the absence of bacteria was of the order of 12.5 ppm/hour.