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Table 1 Description of main features of the parachlamydial 100-kb genomic island. Chromosome location of direct repeats, tRNA genes, tra operon, transposases, bacteriophage-related proteins and proteins involved in DNA metabolism is listed below.

From: A genomic island present along the bacterial chromosome of the Parachlamydiaceae UWE25, an obligate amoebal endosymbiont, encodes a potentially functional F-like conjugative DNA transfer system

  Protein numbera Positiona
Direct repeat - 1648147–1648157
gly-tRNA a,b - 1648172–1648243
gly-tRNA a,b - 1648332–1648403
Transposasec pc1402 1679924–1680400
Phage-related proteinc pc1404 1681569–1682441
Putative transcriptional regulatorc,d pc1405 1679924–1680400
Phage-related proteinc pc1410 1685329–1686447
Putative transposasec pc1419 1695418–1696245
tra operone pc1420-1441 1696410–1716241
Transposasese pc1426-1427 1700887–1701896
Putative DNA-binding proteinc pc1443 1716648–1717004
Phage-related proteinc pc1444 1717137–1717400
Direct repeat - 1723093–1723103
Putative ATPase involved in DNA repairc pc1451 1723169–1723504
Probable Doc (death on cure) protein, bacteriophage P1a pc1456 1732622–1732999
Putative DNA-binding protein pc1461 1735745–1736065
Putative transposasec pc1465 1740371–1741198
Probable DNA double-strand break repair ATPase pc1467 1742079–1744181
Putative transposase pc1468 1744634–1745023
Probable resolvasea pc1469 1745398–1745955
Probable transposases, partial lengtha pc1470-1471 1745807–1746692
Probable Doc (death on cure) protein, bacteriophage P1a pc1473 1747135–1747512
Phage-related proteinc pc1474 1747618–1747809
Direct repeat - 1747915–1747925
  1. a, according to Horn et al. [14];
  2. b, positive strand (cooriented as the majority of the genes of the GI); gly-tRNA s are separated by 88 nt;
  3. c, identified by BLAST [35; 36] and CLUSTALW [39] by ourselves;
  4. d, phage-related protein based on additional BLAST hit;
  5. e, partially annotated by Horn et al. [14] and further characterized by ourselves by BLAST [35, 36].