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Table 5 Initial levels of molecular species at the start of simulation. Indicated in the table are initial concentrations of substances at the start of simulation for low and high osmolarity conditions. At high molarity the sucrose molecules added (virtually through substance window) to the medium is indicated in the table. EnvZ-Sensor kinase, OmpR-Response regulator [data as presented by Cai and Inouye] [30], F1, F1F2, F1F2F3-ompF gene promoter sites and C1, C1C2, C1C2C3-ompC gene promoter sites. Envzp, envzk, envzppompr, envzkpompr, envzpomprp, envzkomprp, f1omprp, f1f2omprp, f1f2f3omprp, f1f2f3f4omprp, c1omprp, c1c2omprp, c1c2c3omprp are initially nil at the start of simulation. During the course of simulation, these complexes are formed and dissociated at the end of simulation

From: A simulation model of Escherichia coli osmoregulatory switch using E-CELL system

Species Number of molecules
  High Low
EnvZ 113 102
OmpR 3500 2100
Sucrose 150 3000
f1 - 100
f1f2 - 100
f1f2f3 - 100
c1 100 -
c1c2 100 -
c1c2c3 100 -
ATP 100 100