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Table 1 Strains and plasmids used in this study

From: Gel shift analysis of the empA promoter region in Vibrio anguillarum

Strain or plasmid Genotype and description Source or reference
   Vibrio anguillarum   
M93Sm Spontaneous SmR mutant of WT M93 (serotype J-O-1) Denkin & Nelson [17]
M02 SmR CmR; M93Sm vanT mutant This study
NB10 WT (serotype O1) Milton et al. [11]
NB02 CmR; NB10 vanT mutant This study
   Escherichia coli   
SM10 thi thr leu tonA lacY supE recA Milton et al. [11]
  RP4-2-Tc::Mu::Km (λ pir)  
pNQ705-1 CmR; suicide vector with R6K origin Milton et al. [11]
pNQVanT CmR; 320 bp vanT in pNQ705-1 This study