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Figure 1

From: Method for inducing experimental pneumococcal meningitis in outbred mice

Figure 1

Site of injection in mice inoculated via the i.c. subarachnoidal route. Three MF1 mice were injected with 30 μl of trypan blue via the i.c. subarachnoidal route through a soft point located 0 mm lateral, 3.5 mm rostral and 2 mm ventral from the bregma. After 30 minutes, animals were sacrificed and decapitated. Their skulls were fixed in formalin, decalcified and then sectioned. Results from one mouse are shown. A. The exact location of the inoculation site with respect to the bregma is indicated by an arrow. Location of the bregma is also shown. B. Mouse brains were cut in correspondence of the site of injection and then sectioned into coronal planes. Diffusion of trypan blue from the inoculation site into the subarachnoid and ventricular spaces is visible.

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