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Table 2 H. influenzae strains used in this study.

From: Identification and characterization of a nontypeable Haemophilus influenzae putative toxin-antitoxin locus

Strain* Description Type vapD Hi allele Prevalence
R538 ATCC #9795 b WT 100%
R539 ATCC #9006 a WT  
R540 ATCC #9007 c WT  
R541 ATCC #9008 d WT  
R542 ATCC #8142 e WT  
R543 ATCC #9833 f WT  
R652, R3460*, R3539*, R3540*, R3541*, R3542* Rd NTHi WT  
Strain Anatomical site Type vapD Hi allele Prevalence
C378, C483, C1591, C1607, R1624, R1625, R1627, R1632, R2754, R3254, R3256, R3258, R3259, R3262, R3264, R3265, R3266, R3267, R3268, R3269, R3271, R3273, R3274, R3276. R3277, R3282, R3283, R3285 Nasopharynx NTHi WT 93% (28/30)
R3257, R3270    TV 7%
R2752, R3001, R3027, R3157, R3543* Sputum/Tracheal Aspirate/Ear NTHi WT 50% (4/8)
R296, R2751, R2846, R3151    TV 50%
C432, R228, R2777, R3168, R3252, R3278, R3279, R3280, R3330, R3331 Blood/CSF NTHi WT 71% (10/14)
R2866, R3122, R3164, R3169    TV 29%
  1. *: Asterisk denotes derivative strains, i.e. R3460 is strain R652 carrying the vector pDD515. The marked strains are not included in computing the incidence of the wild-type vapD Hi allele versus the truncated allele. Independent strains are not marked with an asterisk. †: Type of vapD Hi allele: WT = wild type (91 amino acids); TV = truncated version (45 amino acids). ‡: Site from which strains were isolated.