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Table 2 Primers used for identification of IS s using vectorette PCR

From: Rapid identification and mapping of insertion sequences in Escherichia coli genomes using vectorette PCR

Primer Namea Sequence (5' to 3')b Length (bp)c
IS1-A gttacgcacc accccgtcag ta 22
IS1-B cggaagtcgc tgtcgttctc aa 22
IS2-A ggccc taagacatca atcatctg 23
IS2-B tcgctcg ccacgggaat atctg 22
IS3-A agccg ctgcgggcca cccggagcac 25
IS3-B ggcct cagtccggaa caatttga 23
IS4-A cgagagatgag ttcggggtcg agg 24
IS4-B aagggccttc ccgagagtgg taa 23
IS5-A gccatggca gaatctgctc catgcggg 27
IS5-B tgtttcgggc ggaccaaatg ata 23
IS30-A ccagctcgt atctcctcgc gctctg 26
IS30-B ctagatctgg ttgctgctca gc 22
IS150-A cctgacctgg gttcggggga cac 23
IS150-B gcgaactgaa ggatgctgtt ac 22
IS186-A gggccagaat tgctgaccag ttat 24
IS186-B acctgaac tcgcgaaagc gtggata 25
  1. aPrimers are named after the insertion sequence with A and B designating each side. bSequences obtained from MG1655 [17]. cLength of primer in base pairs.