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Figure 5

From: Chlamydial development is blocked in host cells transfected with Chlamydophila caviae incA

Figure 5

Effect of cytosolic expression of deleted or mutated C. caviae incA sequences. Cells were transfected with either pCcAS17A, which encodes a protein differing from wild type at only a single amino acid (panel A), pCcAm2, which encodes a protein lacking the amino terminal 60 amino acids of IncA, (panel B), or pCcAM3, which encodes a protein lacking the carboxy terminal 116 amino acids of IncA (panel C). The fluorescence images are labeled with anti-polyhistidine monoclonal antibody (red), and anti-chlamydial HSP60 (green). The nuclei are labeled with DAPI (blue). The scale bar in C indicates 8 microns for each panel.

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