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Figure 4

From: Chlamydial development is blocked in host cells transfected with Chlamydophila caviae incA

Figure 4

Quantitative analysis of transfection/infection experiments. The data shown represents the number of infected and transfected cells per one hundred transfected cells in the population. In all cases, cells to be used for quantification were infected at an MOI of 1 and were fixed for microscopy at 24 h post-infection. The error bars indicate standard deviations. Panel A; The relative infection efficiency of cells transfected with plasmids carrying each of the truncated or S17A mutated genes of C. caviae shown in Fig. 1 and Fig. 5, as compared to transfection with a plasmid expressing wild type (WT) of C. caviae incA. Panel B; Percent of cells infected with C. trachomatis (shown as C.t.) and C. caviae (shown as C.c.) after transfection with plasmids expressing either C. caviae or C. trachomatis incA (pCcAWT and pCtAWT, respectively).

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