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Figure 1

From: Chlamydial development is blocked in host cells transfected with Chlamydophila caviae incA

Figure 1

Schematic representations of inc gene constructs used in this study. The plasmid name (left) and a schematic of the predicted protein structure (center), and oligonucleotides used in construction (right; Table 1) are indicated for each plasmid. The scale bar at top indicates the length in amino acids of each predicted gene product. All pcDNA4/HisMax C constructs encode a polyhistidine tag at the amino terminus. Chlamydophila caviae and C. trachomatis incA were also expressed via pcDNA3.1(+), in constructs that do not encode proteins with a polyhistidine tag. A large region of predicted hydrophobicity within each predicted protein is indicated for each construct (darker bar).

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