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Table 3 Sensitivity of the detection tests performed onto the Light Cycler platform. For Smallpox virus, Monkey pox virus and Burkholderia species, native DNA was not available. For C. psittaci and Varicella-zoster virus titrated micro-organisms were not available.

From: Multi-pathogens sequence containing plasmids as positive controls for universal detection of potential agents of bioterrorism

Plasmid Microorganism Number of molecules detected
   Plasmid Native (strain)
CatA Smallpox virus 5 NA
CatA Y. pestis 5 5 (Kim5)
CatA B. anthracis 5 5 (Sneath D455)
CatA F. tularensis 500 5 (URFTMUE1)
CatB Brucella sp. 50 50 (B. melitensis B115)
CatB R. prowazeckii 50 100 (Brein l)
CatB R. rickettsii 100 50 (VR 891)
CatB B. mallei/pseudomallei 50 NA
CatB C. burnetii 5 100 (Nine Mile)
CatB C. psitacci 50 NA
CatVEF Smallpox virus 5 NA
CatVEF Monkeypoxvirus 5 NA
CatVEF Orthopoxvirus 5 10 (ectromelia TC8)
CatVEF Varicella-zoster virus 5 NA
CatVEF Herpesvirus 1/2 5 10 (MA1)
CatVEF R. akari 5 50 (Kaplan)