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Figure 2

From: Comparison of 16S rRNA gene sequences of genus Methanobrevibacter

Figure 2

Relationship between the 16S rRNA gene sequence similarity ( S ) and the extent of DNA hybridization ( D ). (a) The correlation between logD and logs, (b) Complementary log log, i.e., [ln(-lnD) and ln(-lnS)] plot for the same, and (c) Probability of D for S from 0.90 to 1.00. The line was determined by linear regression of the values. The extent of DNA hybridization was measured by the membrane filter method and the data used for DNA hybridization was as reported earlier [8, 21, 22]. The Distribution of D was calculated from the equation ln(-lnD) = 0.5077 [ln(-lnS)] + 1.8999 and the SD of the residuals in D, which was 0.3498.

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