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Figure 3

From: Ebola virus infection inversely correlates with the overall expression levels of promyelocytic leukaemia (PML) protein in cultured cells

Figure 3

Comparison of the sub-cellular distribution of Ebola viral proteins VP40, NP and VP35. Three dimensional stereoprojected images of Vero E6 cells, 48 hours post-infection. DNA staining is blue. The upper panel shows that VP40 (green) is primarily membrane associated although it can be also present in the low DNA density regions of the nucleus or in diffuse areas of the cytoplasm. NP (green) on the other hand exclusively accumulates in well circumscribed cytoplasmic inclusions of various size, shape and confluency (middle panel). VP35 (green) shows similar distribution as NP with additional homogeneous staining all over the cytoplasm (bottom panel). Both NP and VP35 avoid the nuclei.

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