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Table 1 Locations of the nine VNTR loci within the published genome sequences of B. melitensis and B. suis.

From: Brucella 'HOOF-Prints': strain typing by multi-locus analysis of variable number tandem repeats (VNTRs)

VNTR Brucella melitensis   Brucella suis  
Locus Acc. Noα Region Location Strand Acc. No. Region Location Strand
1 AE009669 Chrom II; Sect. 31 bp-4619 (-) AE014592 Chrom II; Sect. 88 bp-2372 (+)
  NC-003318 Chrom II CDS bp-322922   NC-004311 Chrom II CDS bp-976069  
2 AE009582 Chrom I; Sect. 139 bp-6689 (+) AE014357 Chrom I; Sect. 43 bp-6142 (-)
  NC-003317 Chrom I CDS bp-1505161   NC-004310 Chrom I CDS bp-477739  
3 AE009620 Chrom I; Sect. 177 bp-3018 (+) AE014322 Chrom I; Sect. 8 bp-5823 (-)
  NC-003317 Chrom I CDS bp-1915985   NC-004310 Chrom I CDS bp-87085  
4 AE009669 Chrom II; Sect. 31 bp-10855 (-) AE014591 Chrom II; Sect. 87 bp-6120 (+)
  NC-003318 Chrom II CDS bp-329159   NC-004311 Chrom II CDS bp-969847  
5 AE009622 Chrom I; Sect. 179 bp-5818 (+) AE014320 Chrom I; Sect. 6 bp-4014 (-)
  NC-003317 Chrom I CDS bp-1940493   NC-004310 Chrom I CDS bp-62866  
6 AE009586 Chrom I; Sect. 143 bp-2632 (+) AE014354 Chrom I; Sect. 40 bp-97 (-)
  NC-003317 Chrom I CDS bp-1643997   NC-004310 Chrom I CDS bp-438926  
7 AE009622 Chrom I; Sect. 179 bp-3883 (+) AE014320 Chrom I; Sect. 6 bp-5972 (-)
  NC-003317 Chrom I CDS bp-1938559   NC-004310 Chrom I CDS bp-64824  
8 AE009499 Chrom I; Sect. 56 bp-166 (-) AE014439 Chrom I; Sect. 125 bp-10292 (+)
  NC-003317 Chrom I CDS bp-588659   NC-004310 Chrom I CDS bp-1399544  
9 AE009575 Chrom I; Sect. 132 bp-11054 (+) AE014364 Chrom I; Sect. 50 bp-108 (-)
  NC-003317 Chrom I CDS bp-1434245   NC-004310 Chrom I CDS bp-548878  
  1. α Acc. No. is the GenBank accession number