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Table 1 Bacterial Strains and Plasmids

From: Characterization of the nodulation plasmid encoded chemoreceptor gene mcpG from Rhizobium leguminosarum

Bacterial Strain or Plasmid Relevant Characteristics Source or Reference
E. coli   
DH5α EndA1, hsdR17, supE44, thi-1, recA1, gyrA96, relA1, • (argF-lacZYA), U169, φ 80dlacZ ΔM15 Life Technologies
S17-1 Spr. RP4 tra region, mobilizer strain [51]
Rhizobium leguminosarum
VF39SM biovar viciae, Smr [52]
HLG1 VF39SM, mcpG:: ΩSp; Smr, Spr This work
HLG2 VF39SM, mcpG:: ΩSp; Smr, Spr This work
LRS39401 VF39SM cured of pRleVF39d [48]
LRS39601 VF39SM cured of pRleVF39f [48]
T3CB biovar viciae, 1062 derivative, [53]
W14-2 biovar trifolii, Smr [18]
8002 biovar phaseoli [54]
8401 8002 cured of pSym plasmid [54]
GF160 biovar viciae, Smr, [55]
3841 biovar viciae, JB300 derivative [56]
162Y10 biovar trifolii [57]
pBSIISK(+) Cloning vector, Apr Stratagene
pCYΩSp Sp resistance gene from pHP45Ω [58] flanked by MCS of p1918 [35]
p1918 vector with a MCS composed of inverted repeats of the pUC19 MCS, Apr [59]
pJQ200mp18 delivery vector for gene replacement, Gmr [34]
pKC42 6 kb Bam HI VF39SM genomic fragment containing mcpG cloned into pBSIISK(+) This work
pCYG1 Bcl I fragment with mcpG ORF cloned into pJQ200mp18 This work
pCYG2 Derivative of pCYG1 with ΩSp cassette cloned into mcpG gene This work